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Hospital Delivery

Why Choose A Hospital Delivery?

In the last couple of decades people have chosen to give birth in hospital. In recent years however this has changed and now more and more people are looking at all options: home birth, hospital, and delivery centres.

So why chose a hospital delivery?

There are many reasons why you might chose a hospital delivery and these would include:

So What Are The Disadvantages To A Hospital Delivery?

  • you will have to go to hospital during labour and this could be quite a journey depending where you live
  • you may not be able to have an active birth depending on space available
  • you might have to share a room with other mothers
  • your partner maybe sent home after the birth

How To Prepare For A Hospital Delivery

There are many things you will need to do to prepare for a hospital delivery:

  • pack your hospital bag
  • work out a route to the hospital
  • take off your jewellery – might be wise to leave at home
  • visit your hospital delivery ward



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